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Danzhai County is located in Guizhou, a southwestern province of China. Most of the inhabitants of Danzhai belong to ethnic minority groups, among which the Miao account for the largest population.Rich in natural beauty and Chinese culture, Danzhai is a largely unexplored area for tourists. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of rice terraces, see handmade paper making and watch the Miao golden pheasant dance.


City Course Time
Longquan Mountain Scenic Spot 2 Kilometers About 5 minutes
Gaoyao Terraces 7 Kilometers About 10 minutes
Thousand Household Miao Village 90 Kilometers About 1.5 hours
Libo 120 Kilometers About 2.5 hours
Huangguoshu Waterfall 290 Kilometers About 3 hours
Zunyi Conference Site 300 Kilometers About 4 hours